Deep Diamond India Limited

Founded in 1993, Deep Diamond India Ltd has been into existence for 25 years and providing Man and Woman with a varied range of 18K Real diamond jewellery. Deep diamond has its own state of art manufacturing facility which ensures that a highest standard of quality is maintained at the lowest price.

It proud itself with the challenge of providing lowest price diamond jewellery & solitares without compromising on the quality. Having own manufacturing facility along with 25 years of market experience, gives Deep diamond a competitive advantage over other retailers. All the jewellery pieces are certified by the International Gemology Institute (IGI) and ensure highest quality.

We offer 100% buy back (not 90% like others) on all our real diamond jewellery. This means that you get 100% return of what you paid for (excluding labour) along with price appreciation.

It is amongst the very few listed diamond companies all over the world.

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